Shakhes Alyazh Damir Sahand Company

The Shakhes Alyajh Demir Sahand Company has provided its activities from the very beginning of access to wider markets and launch the company to the main supplier of various types of products.

This company with use of experienced forces and with technical knowledge of their specialized activity since 2015

Currently, with the provision of business services, it has become one of the most important suppliers of steel needs of factories and industrial manufacturers of the country.

The development of industry and economics is one of the most important factors that can strengthen the independence of a country in the region and the world to achieve a sustainable industrial development of private companies and can play a significant role in increasing interest. Efficiency and promotion of customer culture play

The Shakhes Alyajh Demir Sahand company is also a private set that has been established to establish an economical firm with experienced and experts who have been established in from twenty years of work experience. And will attempt to do their task as an economic collection in the national industry.